IRA and Retirement Plans


The availability and popularity of retirement plans have caused people to hold a majority of wealth in retirement accounts. If you are like many, your retirement accounts may be your largest asset outside of your home, yet you may not understand proper asset allocation and how retirement assets are passed upon death.


We offer a variety of retirement plan options including IRAs, business plans such as 401(k), SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, as well as 403(b) plans for non-profit organizations.

Safe Harbor will design a strategy to help you successfully transfer your retirement assets, protecting and preserving them throughout your retirement by avoiding costly mistakes, and ensuring they are then properly passed on in accordance to your wishes.

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10 Common IRA Mistakes

Safe Harbor will help ensure you avoid these common mistakes made by many IRA owners.

1. Failing to control and allocate your assets.
2. Failing the rollover test.
3. Having too many retirement accounts.
4. Risking your retirement nest egg.
5. Paying fees and loads on your IRAs.
6. Failing to take required minimum distributions.
7. Beneficiaries failing to stretch IRA distributions.
8. Failing to review/update designated beneficiaries.
9. Not taking advantage of tax saving strategies.
10. Failing to get a second opinion.